Case Studies
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Project Leader
Katarina Hadjipetri – Internal Spa Consultant

Luxurious “Day Spa” in Limassol

A well established developer with a lot of experience in upscale luxury development.

Initial Client’s Perception
Our client purchased an old sea front hotel with the aim of creating luxurious apartments. Facilities included a swimming pool, gym, sauna and a massage room. The aim was to offer attractive amenities to the tenants. Impophar was invited to provide consultancy in regards to these amenities.

Impophar’s Vision
Our consultant immediately recognized the potential of the location and the opportunity of developing the concept of apartment’s amenities into a luxury day-spa operation open to non-residents as well. Moreover this would mean changing a liability into an asset with the opportunity of creating a serious revenue source out of what was initially a cost of maintenance.

Impophar’s action Plan
Impophar developed the concept and presented it to the client. With the client’s agreement the next step was the involvement of the architect, financial planner, interior designer etc. The architectural plan was changed into an ergonomical, revenue generating layout with a unique concept. Moreover Impophar contracted an exclusive Spa brand for the client, developed a custom made Spa menu with signature treatments, coordinated the staff interviewing and hiring process and participated in all other preparatory studies. This project involved one full-day meeting per week for one year.

The result
The result was the creation of a unique establishment that will proudly enter the market very soon. The establishment will be a market leader in its sector and actually will be the first non-hotel Day Spa in Limassol.

Our Company
Impophar offers complete solutions to any sort of establishment. Consulting includes design and layout, concept development, product sourcing, recruitment etc