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Dr. Renaud

Nature belongs to everyone, but some work it much better than others. Dr Renaud is one of those who knew how to extract what was necessary and to work it with the dual objective of compatibility and effectiveness. This is not untamed nature, but a strong, powerful, concentrated nature, which is worked on sequence after sequence to increase its effects.

For 70 years, true to the work of the Dermatologist, Dr Renaud laboratories have been pioneers in transforming the most effective and most sensory natural ingredients, in order to adapt them to the various needs of the skin. With the firm belief that skincare results also depend on the product experience, careful attention is paid to the development of textures to ensure they are increasingly pleasant, sensorial and innovative and therefore encourage daily application, and that is a key element in obtaining visible results. Over the decades, Dr Renaud has created cult products, organised into ranges that are as simple to understand as they are to use.

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