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LEMI has been manufacturing treatment tables, chairs and multi-function cabins for the Beauty & Spa sector since 1989. Thanks to its intensive research and development, as well as its continuous pursuit of new industrial paradigms, the company has now come to be recognized as one of the major players on the international scene.

The company is renowned for its exceptional design, research, technology, quality, functionality, and luxurious finishing. With unmistakable Italian craftsmanship, these fundamental principles have resulted in the development of numerous products bearing the LEMI brand name worldwide. Lemi is proud to offer a high-level Warranty Service in accordance with the present Service Description. This service provides for technical support options, spare parts and related manpower services, to solve qualified incidents. We offer up to 10 years’ warranty, one of the longest on the market. Damages incidence on Lemi products is less than 1%! This is the assurance of a durable product.

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