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Mesauda Milano

The make up line of Mesauda Milano is a clever mix of class, elegance and simplicity. Thanks to its products you will get a natural effect skin, an intense eye-look and glam lips. A long process of listening, observation, research, tenacity, determination: this is what lies behind Mesauda. Victor, the creative mind of the company, started from scratch. and without great resources. He had no great resources but the courage to go beyond the standards, experimenting and designing a cosmetics brand that aims to an idea of universal beauty, far from any stereotype. The difficulties faced along the way have been many, but he knew that his business idea was valid. He has always had his two brothers by his side. Mesauda is not a fairy tale: there is no magic wand behind the brand. There is a dream and the desire to achieve it and Victor Buaron did it by focusing on himself. Amit, a strong and leading personality with a distinct entrepreneurial talent, soon became a point of reference as CEO of the company. David, the youngest brother, is in charge of the administrative and financial management of the company.

The choice of the name “Mesauda” is not a coincidence. Mesauda means “Luck’’ in Arabic. Tenacity, determination, courage were all essential to the creation of the brand, but luck is always behind each of us. Victor has succeeded in expressing his creative nature thanks to Mesauda and creativity itself is one of the core values of the brand. Through its products, Mesauda aims to be a source of inspiration for all those not afraid to express their fears, their ambitions and to reveal their beauty. For Mesauda, beauty is a right! It is able to combine the art of aesthetics and the respect for the diversity and for the unique traits of each. Unique nuances, innovative and cruelty free textures, cutting-edge formulas characterize every single product. They are all implemented through the use of latest generation technologies that maximize performance. Mesauda is beauty for all those who have the courage to express themselves.

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